Grow your Business with Business Credit Builder

Get Financing

Tens-of-thousands of companies go out of business each year because they can't get money and credit for their business. Today, our Business Credit Builder program can help businesses keep their doors open and continue to grow.

There are financial options that can help business owners grow their business keep the doors open but getting a loan or line of credit is not always easy. Credit Score Restore has introduced a new service called Business Credit Builder, a credit search engine for accessing business credit.

With our credit search engine, you can access business credit for your EIN that is NOT linked to your social security number. Business owners can get financing and credit regardless of personal credit, collateral, or cash flow!

Let us show you how to get approved for business loans even when other lenders and your bank says “no”.

Easily Build Credit

Another bonus to your solution is the ability to easily build your business credit step-by-step through a personalized and streamlined process. We provide the greatest access to real, useable, no personal guarantee credit.

  • Get started by ensuring you meet credit issuer approval guidelines before you apply.
  • Get setup with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax quickly, and access your business credit reports and scores, even fix credit inaccuracies.
  • Immediately obtain vendor credit to start your business credit report and score.
  • Next, secure store, fleet, and cash credit that’s linked to your EIN, not your social security number with no personal credit check or personal guarantee.

Get Access to Business Credit Advisors

Credit Score Restore will personally guide you through the business credit building process. Get assigned a team of specialized Business Credit Advisors to help walk you through the process.

To learn more about how Business Credit Builder can benefit your business, contact us.