Our Credit Credit Repair Program

We've build a credit repair program with years of experience and countless  successfully processed files. Our method has been molded into the proven and effective credit restoration services we offer today. Call us for to speak to an credit repair expert today.

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Effective Credit Repair

  • Correction of personal identifying information
  • Bring information up to date with credit bureaus
  • Develop a strategy tailored to your credit needs
  • Challenge inaccuracies being reported by credit bureaus
  • Work around the Metro 2 Code format used by credit bureaus to verify data

A Custom Credit Solution

We NEVER use credit repair form letters. Many so-called credit repair firms will use the same credit repair letter for ALL their clients.

Using a one size fits all solution for credit restoration  proves to be ineffective. Our credit experts tailor the credit restoration program based on your credit profile's needs for improvement.

Our team of  credit repair experts will treat each item specifically and will generate custom dispute letters.

  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Unlimited Deletions
  • No Form Letters
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Pay only for Corrected or Removed Items
  • Money Back Guarantee

Personalized Disputes

We don't submit generic disputes. Never a form letter populated for all clients.

Credit Restoration Consulting

Once a preferred client, always a client. We offer free credit advice as a lifetime commitment to our clients.

Consumer Loans and Credit Card Consulting

We can help you source the lowest interest rates in automobile loans as well as acquire the lowest interest rate credit cards with the best terms and limits.

Referral Network

We have a list of dealers, banks, realtors and mortgage brokers. Would you like to become part of our referral network? Feel free to contact us for more details!

Credit Ratio Analysis

We can gauge exactly where your credit profile needs to be as far as ratios in order to boost your credit score.