Disputing your Credit Report

Inaccurate items reported on a consumer credit report are very common. If you have found an inaccurate item on your credit report and need help fixing or removing it, Credit Score Restore can help dispute credit report items for you.

It is also common that consumers are experiencing a low credit score but don't understand why. It is frustrating when you are working hard at building a credit score but it doesn't seem to improve. This could mean that one or all of the credit reporting agencies might have reported an inaccurate item on your report.

Equifax Dispute

Equifax will fix an inaccurate item on your credit report. We can help you complete the process of disputing an item for you to make sure it is handled properly. While they allow you file a dispute for free on their site, some items could be more complex and consumers will need additional support.

Transunion Dispute

Transunion is another credit reporting agency. They focus on alerting consumers about derogatory or inaccurate items on their report perhaps caused by fraudulent activity.  The site is great at allowing you to monitory this type of activity. However, we are prepared to handle all follow up on items and make sure items are removed or corrected.

Experian Dispute

Experian has a great site with a wealth of knowledge on how to dispute credit report items. If an item is simple enough, a dispute can be handled on their site but this is most effective for simple items. They might request a debt validation letter or other items that consumers are not prepared or don't have time to deal with. In this case, it is always better to have a credit repair professional clean up your items.

Credit Bureau Correction vs. Deletion

Under the FCRA, Fair Credit Reporting Act, both the credit reporting company and the information provider (that is, the person, company, or organization that provides information about you to a credit reporting company) are responsible for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information in your report.  Occasionally, the original creditor, cited under guidelines from the Fair Credit Billing Act, will issue an immediate correction to the consumer credit profile. This takes place when a dispute is received electronically using whats called a universal data form.

Erroneous Credit Deletion

A consumer reporting agency must correct or, as the case may be, delete inaccurate information that is inaccurate or can no longer be verified. The consumer reporting agency is not required to remove accurate data from your file unless it is outdated.

The Graph

The underlying graph sets the bar for a general understanding of how to gauge the FICO Score.  Score range from 300-850.

Strategic & Tactical Planning

  • Correcting and deleting erroneous/unverifiable accounts
  • Help with acquiring unsecured individual revolving accounts
  • Adding revolving credit history
  • Removal of unauthorized/unwanted credit inquiries
  • Credit education
  • Proper utilization on revolving credit balances
  • Mixed Files. If someone with the same name or a similar name applies for credit, a piece of their file may become mixed with yours. A consumer with a common name like “John A. Smith,” for example, could see his file mixed with a John B. Smith or a John A. Smith, Jr.
  • Identity theft. If someone has stolen your Social Security number, for example, they could open a new account in your name. This information could appear on your credit report and can be especially difficult to remove.
  • Furnisher Errors. There are three big players when it comes to credit report accuracy: credit bureaus, consumers and “data furnishers.” That last one is important — it’s the banks, lenders, debt collectors, and rental companies that supply (aka “furnish”) the data that appears on your credit reports to the credit bureaus. Often, a furnisher can report something inaccurately, like a missed payment or a collection account that actually belongs to someone else.
  • Re-Aging of Old Debts. Certain debts have a ticking clock of sorts when it comes to your credit report. A collection account, for example, is supposed to age off of your credit report after seven years and 180 days from when it was first delinquent.  However, sometimes “re-aging” occurs, often when a debt is sold to a third-party collector and the start date on that clock is muddied, causing your credit to take a hit much longer than it should under the law.

Credit Repair is a process you can handle yourself.  However, most people don't have the time or expertise in combating the credit bureaus and their methods of verification.  This is where Credit Score Restore, LLC. releases the credit hounds and helps force the correction or deletion of the respective challenged accounts.

Results can be seen usually within 30 - 90 days.  As a company, we offer a 100% money back guarantee which is based on credit improvement.

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To dispute a credit report could be a stressful and lengthy process. Forget the DIY credit dispute letters, Credit Score Restore can fix your credit easily.